Sunday, January 22, 2006

"We Are All Made Of Pears..."

“We are all made of Pears...”
by Christopher J. Bradley
Interview is Open Source Lisence. Creative Commons.
Sunday November 6, 2006

(since this article has been written - it has been posted internally with pearpc - jaring - and most recently digg - lets see how long its legs are...)

I first heard of PearPC during an interview on This Week In Technolgy. A show, or podcast rather, by the original creators of TechTV. TechTV was a great entertainment for me when I was spending a lot of time, depressed and despondant on my parents couch, looking for something, anything, new about the computer industry.
It was true, the great fascination with all things computing had died for me in 2003. In 2004 it lead me to near madness as the world started to collapse around me, and in my great fortune, I stumbled upon one last thread, in an effort to regain my mind, after the realization, that the PC had become so ubiquitous it had no identity.
Children and Adults alike spent their time sending Age Sex Location Messages back and forth on America On-Line and other providers through instant messaging, desperately hoping to find the next new thing, the new cyber-friend, the new cyber-sex, the new cyber-bomb. Nothing happened, they ran into brick walls, and unfriendly connection, they were dragged into their own kind of international espionage games.
They elected incompetent leaders, the results have been shown in the state of peace in the world, and the state of the U.S. Deficit. The most powerful country in the world has fallen to its knees, because, there was nothing new. No one invented anything easier to use, no one invented anything friendlier, no one came up with the ultimate solution to anything, and the world wept.

Jump forward 2 years. It is 2005 April. I've installed a broadband connection in my apartment and the wall to the globe drops. Wikipedia becomes my home and I delve deeply into Internet Relay Chat on a network called Freenode.
A newcomer to the network finds a list of channels to include #apache, #cisco, #perl, #sql, #svn, #wikipedia, ##linux, ##Debian, #gentoo, and a host of others. On most other networks, which are mammoth and non-peer directed, you find channels like #mp3warez, and #imageshots, and as you can imagine, you find worse.
By definition, Freenode is the ultimate programmers IRC resource. It has been since its inception and it will be until its demise. But it is a larger phenomenon than that. It has a goal, a philosopy, an understanding that everyone has his or her own learning curve, and the Channel and Network operators do their part to keep the peace and assist in the learning process.

Now blaze forward 6 months. It is October. The leaves are turning red, several Hurricanes have pounded the Southeast coast and Gulf coast. And the wind is flurrying about in New York, bringing us closer and closer to All Saints Day.
I spend most of my time, eating, sleeping, and visiting my girlfriend. Any other time I spend is spent on IRC. You can imagine that its a lot of time.

Over the course of that 6 months, I have become a full blown Linux user. I transitioned from the Opera Browser for Windows, to the Opera Browser for Linux. Then I learned to use X-Chat on my Debian distribution of Linux. X-Chat for me is the ultimate IRC Client – It lets you rest in multiple different networks with up to about 20 channels per network, and it doesn't blink.
I can't remember exactly when or where I encountered Prasys. I just know that I giggled to myself the first time I saw him switch his name to Darth_Prasys. I knew I had a friend in a Star Wars fan.
Over time, he revealed to me that his project was the PearPC project – Which I'd heard of as I said earlier, in a Podcast from This Week in Technology. The rest is history. He is the number one go-to guy for information regarding the project and his story, is the story that is about to unfold, and most likely, change everything again.
They said it changed everything when Windows 95 hit the market, they said it changed everything when ISP's became affordable. They said it changed everything when the towers fell. And they will say it again, when “We are all made of Pears.”

ChrisBradley: Let's start out by finding a bit about you? How did you get involved with PearPC? And can you give our readers a general overview of what PearPC is and how we can unearth the project and make it our own?

Prasys : Oh , it started way back. I think I got involved with , when PearPC was its in early stages. First of let me explain about PearPC. PearPC is a PowerPC emulator for the x86 platform and for other platforms too (including Motorola 68k platform)

ChrisBradley: How much of a seed did Pear Have? Who invented the Pear Concept if there is a specific Founder? What is your official working title within the project, and how did you get involved?

Prasys : PearPC was started by Seppel ( I'm Just a Staff Member at and I'm an activist of PearPC and many other Open-Source Projects

ChrisBradley: Let's find out a little more about you... Who is the real Prasys the Great (as told in the Prophecy of the Pear)?

Prasys: Its just me alone

ChrisBradley: Do you have a family that supports the projects you are involved in? (Yes/No)

Prasys : you bet.

ChrisBradley: What kinds of things do you do with your friends / on-line or off?
Prasys : Well , I use the Force to tell them about themself and all their secerts. Even their Social Security Number too.

ChrisBradley: I can tell by your articulation that you are 100% nerd and 100% killer instinct at the same time. And you've got 100% of what it takes to drive Pear all the way to IPO. What are your thoughts on who might be in the future for an IPO underwriting?

Prasys : I reserve comment at this time.

ChrisBradley: How many PearPC users are in the market at present and what kinds of results do you think they are having? Is there a formal tech-support channel to be opened? And if so - Who will do the tech-support?

Prasys : I think they are around 1,000 PearPC users , at the moment. I'm not really sure about it. Yes , we do have a formal tech support channel , its located at

ChrisBradley: Is it possible to get a list of a couple other of your Public Relations people's aliases and contact persons for future interviews with other interested writers? There is sure to be a storm of publicity when the Pear Drops this New Year's Eve in Time Square.

Prasys: I think the Lead Developer and The AltiVec Developer of PearPC , would love to be interviewed for his sucesss

ChrisBradley: What sort of interactions do you have with Apple? Are they for or against the developments associated with Pear, I've noticed an Apple-101 checking in from time to time. Does he help or hinder your progress?

Prasys : Apple have helped PearPC community a long time ago. If I am not mistaken , they have helped the PearPC project a long time ago.

ChrisBradley: Do you think Steve Jobs will support the PearPC project, or is he already supporting it, and will it make a difference if he does?

Prasys: I guess he might be supporting PearPC. I heard rumors that Apple used a technology from PearPC , to allow emulation of PowerPC applications in MacTel.

ChrisBradley: Apple is a hardware company. Their monitors have the nicest look and feel of any in the industry. What sort of position does it put Apple in if its control over the Intel Hardware market fumbles as a result of Pear's falling into position in the field?

Prasys : To tell you the turth , PearPC does not affect Apple's sales or ideas in any ways.

ChrisBradley: How much noise has Pear made in the industry up to this point, and how can it be echoed and delayed just right to make Pears fall from the skies? As an insider in the field I think you might have watched companies like Microsoft rise and fall and split and eventually give up the goat to Gentoo...:)

Prasys: I think its better for you to Seppel , the Lead Developer of PearPC. As he can give a better explanation on this matter.

ChrisBradley : What are your thoughts on the theme “We are all made of Pears” and how can we enlist Moby to remix his original to fit the times? For the stars, are in the seeds...

Prasys: Not sure on that question, but sounds like fun.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Everything 2 Files

Just before I met prasys and embarked upon this seemingly insurmountable quest,
I published the following in Everything 2. Just an indicator of my writing style,
Just prior to when I started dashing off the business mail...

The New New York

Medford Village Currents

Fwd: "We Are All Made of Pears" - An Interview with Prasys.

------- Forwarded message -------
From: ChrisBradley <>
Subject: "We Are All Made of Pears" - An Interview with Prasys.
Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2005 02:02:54 -0500

Thank you This Week in Tech for giving me something to write about. I hope
you like this article, as you are getting it fresh off the presses, before
Wired Magazine, due to the fact that they are a bit slow hitting the
ground. It does not mean however that it will not be re-sold.

Have a great week and I'll be tuning in this week.

Noisecontrol Publishing (Apache Server)

Using Opera's revolutionary e-mail client:

Release 1.0 Gband

ChrisBradley, November 10, 2005 3:45:36 am:

Speaking of Small Companies - I've been asked for my opinion from Garage Band Regarding the Music Service Artists First. I thought I might Share My Communications with them, and Let you Know how I am taking this particular Challenge on.

Within the Last 24 Hours we've taken on a new musician, which means that's right, we're up 100% to two musicians served open source and for free.

===Content of E-mail===

Janey Ecker - Right now I am using Artists First. Yes. My websites have had ups and downs. I have just recently installed an Apache Server on my desktop and it is running smoothly. These are the statistics from Artists First for this month.

Bundle teaser visits
Total visitors Visits this month Visits last month Latest ECR Previous month ECR Total fans in DB Fans added last 30 days
708 302 2 0.000 0.000 1 1

To date - i have sold 1 - Count them 1 - in 6 months. People generally - regardless of their inclinations - do not want to pay for music anymore through any service.

I am now publishing my work free through an open source creative commons license. Garageband can have what its got. But honestly, I'm not ever paying a hosting fee to Garageband or any other hosting service. I am never using CD-Baby or the like, because the distribution channel just isn't necessary anymore.

And I am not going to continue with Artists First if it does not prove immediately profitable. I see no point in maintaining a contract with a corporation that is only half-marketed. At its inception, 6 months ago, it was promised it would be a part of Garageband. You obviously need staff and integration to get your gears in motion.

I wrote 400 music reviews to get my work up at - Time I could have better spent learning about Open Source. Granted I was exposed to some music I never would have been earlier, and it was fun. But was it really worth my while as an artist?

Here are my opinions, and since my opinion counts with people from Release1.0 -

1) Drop the Hosting Fee
2) Put Artists First into Action
3) Educate your customers about the benefits of Hosting Themselves Under Linux
4) Make your Garageband Server software GPL and open yourself to Competition.
(Competition Breeds Strength)
5). E-mail me and next time I offer my music for free - for Hurricane Survivors,
Call me back. Because now its not just available for free because of them. It's available for free because...Just because its the right thing to do.

-Christopher J. Bradley
Noisecontrol Publishing INK.

PS - I e-mail all of my business communications to Release 1.0 now. Its interesting to see what happens when you "communicate."

--- Janey Ecker wrote:

> Hi there,
> I understand from Artists First that you are using their services and we at
> GarageBand would like to know what your overall experience and impressions
> are. As you know Artists First advertised on GarageBand a while back, and
> many of our members expressed an interest in their services. So we would
> like to better understand our users experience and satisfaction to determine
> whether a potential relationship with Artists First should be considered.
> Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated!
> Janey Ecker
> Operations Manager
> GarageBand Records